Mosaic Concrete Workshop at Shrine of the Sacred Heart

2small(1)Shrine of the Sacred Heart
3211 Sacred Heart Way, NW
When: Saturday, March 19 @ 2PM-4PM

Supported in part by the DC Preservation League’s Preservation Initiatives Grant, the Shrine of the Sacred Heart has worked with a specialized contractor to develop gentle processes to clean the efflorescence and grime that stain the John Earley mosaic concrete interior of the church. The processes were selected with little potential for the overcleaning that could damage mosaic concrete, so that we can undertake a volunteer campaign to clean the church. On Saturday, March 19 Shrine of the Sacred Heart will hold a workshop, from 2 pm to approximately 4 pm, training parishioners and others interested in the processes. Trained volunteers will then proceed to address staining inside the church. Those with a passion for Earley’s work, or those interested in lower-cost ways to manage cleaning  projects are welcome to join us. The event will take place at the church starting at 2pm.