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12420 Milestone Center Drive, Suite 150
Germantown, MD 20876

AECOM offers the full range of cultural resource management and historic preservation services, including Archaeology (Terrestrial and Maritime), Architectural History, Architecture, Historic Architecture, and Cultural Landscapes. All of our supervisory staff meet the Secretary of the Interior Professional Qualification Standards (36 CFR 61).

Contact Name: Scott Seibel
Phone: (301) 820-3145
Job Types: Single Family Residential, Multi-family Residential, Commercial
Specializations: Archaeology, Architect, Architectural History

Year Established: 1991
Number of Employees: 80000
Are you licensed or bonded in DC? Yes

Percentage of projects within $0-10,000 budget range: 5%

Percentage of projects within $10,000 - 150,000 budget range: 75%

Percentage of projects within $150,000 and above budget range: 20%